Le Jammoû

Douar Agoulzi, Aït Ouassif, Vallée des Roses - Lieu dit : Tigharmatine

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Driss Belaich (manager)

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Le Jammoû, guesthouse in Marocco

Le JAMMOÛ guest-house nestles beside the river of the same name and is surrounded by small fields filled with fig and olive trees, separated by hedges of roses. This very comfortable establishment has been built and decorated with care, bringing together the Berber materials and themes (wattle walls decorated with typical Moroccan friezes and woodwork, hushed atmosphere, warm colours …).

You will find a high level of comfort and service (large rooms opening onto impressive landscapes, beautiful private terraces with fountains, spacious Italian showers, separate toilets, heating, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, discreet but attentive service,...).

The house may also be rented in its entirety.
In this case we would advise you to reserve as soon as possible.
Our tariffs include dinner and breakfast.

The river Jammoû which runs along the M’GOUN valley, carved naturally into the Atlas since antiquity, takes its source upstream at the snowline.

The M'GOUN valley stretches as far as EL KELAAT M’GOUNA, a delightful village which is home to the rose water distillery, (sold mainly to perfumers around the world). There is also a huge open-air market, brimming with all the local produce that this beautiful south Moroccan region has to offer...

This extended valley offers excursions and trips in four-wheel drives, on camel, by mule or even mountain bike or … on foot, allowing you to discover the unique Moroccan landscapes, made up of red rock mountains, which are magnificent at dusk, powerful rivers, large areas of greenery where it is pleasant to take a stroll. You will also find very ancient wattle and daub villages where you will meet the Berber with their legendary hospitality. You will love sharing our authentic cuisine (tagines of all flavours, mixed salads decorated with the most succulent local spices,..)..

Exceptional Service

A sumptuous setting, between the mountains and the river Jammoû.
Full comfort accommodation with terraces, ponds, library, traditionally decorated.
A region known world-wide for its Rose Festival.
Le Jammoû
Douar Agoulzi, Aït Ouassif, Vallée des Roses - Lieu dit : Tigharmatine

Tél : +33 (0) 6 33 02 33 40
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Maroc : +212 (0) 6 78 25 33 98
Ou :       +212 (0) 6 77 47 70 84

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